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International Sales

Old Wood LLC is able to skillfully manage your international purchase or sale. We handle complex regulatory matters, obtain best-price shipping and logistics and carefully manage the many details of flooring and other building-products shipments. We have been awarded the USA Presidents Excellence in exporting "E" award.


We’ve managed commercial shipments flooring in quantities of 15 containers or more, wood beams and materials for salt mines in Saudi, Harbors in Dubai and walls and tables in Singapore. We can handle and deliver best pricing on many building materials beyond flooring to include plywood, adhesives, cabinetry and doors and others.

Old Wood LLC is majority owned by a family of world travelers and polyglots. Since our inception, we have looked not only locally for sales but have always considered the world to be an open book of possibilities. We accept the challenges and difficulties associated with global commerce and this sets us apart from virtually all others in our field.

In the 90’s, we worked for Edvard Shevardnadze on his remake of the Tbilisi Bello Rossiya Theater (since destroyed by Russian tank fire!; we’ve produced flooring for the Korean National Theater, Shops in Tokyo and Orlando’s Disneylands, Singapore’s JW Marriot, lobbies in Shanghai, dance flooring in Canada and completed the worlds’ largest mesquite end grain floor in Kuwait’s Ministry of Education. We’ve provided floors in super busy restaurants like Kuala Lumpur’s Acme Restaurant, fabulous Nobu knock-offs around the country and we’ve recently completed work on the Museum of Modern Art in New York as well as that city’s La Guardia Terminal 2 luxury shopping terminal. We have end grain flooring enduring heavy commercial traffic in hotel lobbies and restaurants around the world from arid to beachfront environments.

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