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Architectural & Design

We have been fortunate to work with some of the world’s top designers on unique projects like fire reclaimed raised panel floors, wall coverings, decking, ceilings, beams, and even some special tables for Starbucks in Telluride and Jackson Hole. We often are “able” and fortunate to be able to incorporate woods from Tribal forestry efforts, severe fire cleanups, and desert restoration projects.

With your design and our process, we can build nearly anything. We’d love to help you realize your design goals, especially when involving unique materials like wood blocks, fire reclaimed blue stained pine, desert Piñon, and others. With access to modern in-house welding and plasma cutter technology, incorporation of other materials like metals is simple. CNC machining and laser technology can also be used to add style to your design.

3-D Wall Coverings

Mesquite, Doug Fir and other Wood Block Panels can be made up in a variety of patterns. These are usually partially or fully finished, panelized and ready to “hang” on arrival. Walls, desk fronts, wainscotting, entries, arches and more are possible.

Escher Wall

This unique 3D re-make of the famous MC Escher stepped wall drawing was originally made for Starbucks as a one-off design for a new store. It can be reproduced as a floor, a wall, backsplash or other

Custom Design


Old Wood LLC owns and operates a new, state-of the art 3-axis CNC machine. This amazing tool can be used to design and create unique walls, floors, or architectural features for your project. If you can dream it, we can probably make it!

Tribal Wall

Log slices or rounds can range from 1/4” thick up to 8” in length, and can be built up in a wide variety of patterns from flat discs to very bold 3D amalgams of rounds from 2” to 10” in diameter. Much of the raw material for these products comes from wildland or riparian area restoration on US tribal lands. The possibilities here are vast, and we hope to involve older artisans, disabled and others in their making someday.

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